AMD drivers are not functioning properly after updating Dell Latitude E6540 BIOS to A8/A10

I updated my Dell Latitude E6540 BIOS to A10 today. After updating, the screen stays black after rebooting. If you reboot your PC, your resolution has changed and the drivers are not working anymore. Opening the AMD Catalyst Control Center gives the error “AMD drivers are not functioning properly”. Solution: go to the Dell website. Click… Read More »

Magento – Inserting the Customer’s Email Address into the Email Templates

A customer asked me to define the customer’s email address in the order confirmation emails, sent out by Magento. You will have to edit or create a new template and add this shortcode:

This code will display the email address of the customer in the order emails. If you have any questions, let me… Read More »

Cool Tracert command

Look at how funny this is! Open a command prompt and type in: tracert -h 80 The first 10-20 hops are hops from your own router to your ISP and to the servers. You will get the following results:

Passed ITIL Foundation – Syllabus 2011

Guys, look what the postman brought me today! Today I received my ITIL Foundation – Syllabus 2011 certification (including the badge :)) from EXIN. This was one of the hardest exams to learn, because the books are so boring to read! That compensates the exam difficulty because you only need 650/1000 points to pass the… Read More »